Chariot mind.

July 22, 2010

Talking about thought process. The magnitude of thinking and passion to head towards innovative direction. In this phase of my life, at least, I want to develop thinking dynamics similar to a chariot with four strong horses. Chariot, armored from any unwanted thoughts but having a respectable place for quality ideas and thoughts from good human beings. Controlling the strong horses and heading to way which was unseen and unthought-of. Extremely durable wrought iron wheels to make sure the chariot can very well deal with difficult conditions. Fearless to move on and humble enough to stop to pick some quality thoughts.



March 26, 2010

What do you think when you see a beggar ? Poor Vegetable vendor? Roadside child ? Ignore them…at the most, have pity on them.

Thats of no use, you need to respect these people too. If you put yourself in their place, what would you have done? See the way they work, the feelings that they have, how they are fighting the conditions. You can not ignore them. They have some qualities which you would never have in your lifetime. The things they face, if you are put to those same things…You would prefer to die.

Tomorrow, you will be getting a chance to grow up, fill your pockets and have fun…but these people may stay down forever. You are must understand that. And you are supposed to workout your abilities to do a beautiful thing for all these people who NEVER got a fair chance. You have to make place for them in this system.

Respect them, observe them and work hard.
You have many lives to change.

Dream Protection

February 22, 2010

To protect your dreams,to believe in them and hope like a rock.
if you leave your dream uncharged and unbacked, you let yourself attack it. It sounds funny, but its true. The views of other people(externals) become the weapons with which you yourself kill your dream.
The dream which would have surely came true is DEAD, because of externals.

Yeah, you can think, dream machine, idea incubator..all are useless without dream protection.
A protected dream will itself give you power, enough to ignore any negative energy approaching.

i don’t care what i need to do to protect my dreams, i keep it at the core, safely, and if anybody tries to reach there…slaughtering their belief system is my primary defense !

Hello world!

February 22, 2010

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